Generator Governor Controller No Magnetic Speed Pickup Needed

EG4015 uses the detected frequency of the input voltage to control generator engine speed so the magnetic speed pickup is not required. Applicable to all types of generator engines and also supports Cummins high-gain engine types (PT PUMP).

162.0 (L) x 112.0 (W) x 43.0 (H) mm

330 g +/-2%



Senses generator frequency, no magnetic pickup (MPU) is required

Applicable to all types of gas and diesel generator engines

Supports External, Internal, and PT Pump mounted types actuators

Idle function and Speed adjustment through the connection of an external potentiometer

Idle & Speed Controls through the connection of an external potentiometer

Loss Sensing, Overspeed, and actuator short circuit protections

Applicable for 12/24V operating voltage with reverse polarity protections

Internal electromagnetic interference filtering

Moisture, vibration, and rust protected, epoxy encapsulated electronics


Operating Voltage
10 to 32 Vdc

Reverse Voltage Protection
Max. -50 Vdc

Output Current
Continuous 9A, Max. 15A for 10 seconds

Sensing Input Voltage Range
1 to 600 Vac

Sensing Frequency Range
5 to 100 Hz

EMI Suppression
Internal electromagnetic interference filtering

Steady State Speed Band
+/-0.25% (with stable load)

Idle Speed Frequency
25 Hz @ 50 Hz
30 Hz @ 60 Hz

Temperature Drift Frequency Range
0.1 Hz @ -40 to +80 °C

External Frequency Control
+/-2 Hz 5K ohms 1 watt potentiometer

Static Power Dissipation
Min. 120 mA @ 12 Vdc
Min. 60 mA @ 24 Vdc